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Shree Uma Industries
Shree Uma Industries
pigment 15:3 Pigment Blue 15:4 Pigment Pastes fluorescent dispersed high conc cake
PRODUCTS >>Dispersed High Conc. Cake

Physical State Viscoelastic Cake
Appearance Shiny Color
pH 6.5-7.5
Particle size 5 microns
Ionic nature Non-ionic

Technical Information

Pigment 60 ± 2%
Surfactant 12%
DM Water 23 ± 2%
Misc : (antifungal, Defoamer, etc) 1%

Special Features

  • APEO free pigment dispersion with higher concentration of pigment
  • Simplification in pigment dispersion process
  • High color strength
  • Easy dispersibility in any aqueous media with or without resins
  • Can be mixed with the required binder under high speed stirring
  • Can be used as a colorant in water based inks and paints to attain high tinting value
  • No fear of cross contamination or dusting
  • Improved productivity at a comparatively lower cost.


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